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Here are a few reasons why you may consider a roof cleaning or pressure washing project. If any of these apply to you, then look no further, SunCoast Hydro Cleaning can help!

If you answer YES to any of these questions, you should contact SunCoast Hydro Cleaning for a free estimate on soft wash roof cleaning, pressure washing or chemical washing.

We provide an economical effective solution for your home cleaning needs.

Stop dealing with the unsightly black streaks and discolorations on your roof. Many people think it is just dirt. However it is actually a mold, fungus and algae that are eating away at your roofing materials over time, effectively shortening the life span of your roof. These algae are also known as Gloeocapsa Magma. These molds can cause respiratory problems in humans due to their being a spore that is "airborne".

These molds if they become bad enough can completely cover a roof and turn it near black. When this happens it can cause air conditioning units to work harder to keep your home cool, thus lessening the life span of your air conditioner and causing pre-mature failure and costly repairs.

Gloeocapsa Magma algae feed on the crushed limestone that is used in the manufacturing of asphalt shingles. When shingles were first produced manufacturers quickly realized that they were too light and would not provide adequate protection, so they added crushed limestone to the asphalt to increase their weight and durability.

Gloeocapsa Magma is an airborne alga, so it can land on any roof with no rhyme or reason, though it does seem to be more prominent in areas having numerous trees. Once the roof algae lands on the roof it will have to be killed and removed properly, or else it will continue to spread. It will never get better or just go away on its own. The algae begins to feed on the nutrients in the shingles, as it rains it is spread down the roof causing black streaks. If not taken care of it will take over the entire roof in a few short years, turning the whole roof black.

The good news is that shingles can be cleaned properly without damaging the shingle. Major shingle manufacturers say so themselves. They even have suggestions and guidelines for cleaning roof algae off of asphalt shingles without harming them. The proper methods include a low pressure chemical application.

NOTE: Never use or allow a pressure washer to be used on your shingle roof.

Inexperienced homeowners and unethical contractors have damaged shingles by attempting to blast the algae off the shingles using high water pressure. Doing this blows off the shingles' granules which are there to protect the shingles, thus lessening the longevity of the roof. A proper roof cleaning can definitely save you money.

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